Company Brief

SHREY FUND is one of leading investments / Insurance Advisor. We are also expert in Cash / Treasury Management System. We are a team of seasoned professionals extensive experience in banking & financial industry with demonstrated domain knowledge headed by Shri Ramesh S. Bhakuni (MBA Finance) - whole time director having over 15 year experience in Financial Sector. Our clients include corporate heads, professionals, NRIs, entrepreneurs, business enterprises and trusts. We have been awarded by the top mutual Funds in India for providing excellent investment advice and services to investing people as our focus is not selling products but on truly managing wealth. Our officers are fully computerized and well equipped with state - of- the - Art Communication facilities. Our clients are served by well qualified & experienced team. Being the Investment Portfolio Advisor, it our prime object to offer you the best available investment opportunities in a way to increase your returns and also minimize your risk & tax liability.


Panel of Advisors

We have a Panel of advisors that includes financial expert, chartered Accountants-Income Tax expert, Excise Experts, Company Secretary, Renowned Advocate / Legal Experts. We realize the need for ancillary Services like legal and taxation to our steemed customers. We offer such service to our clients who have an investment portfolio of over Rs. 1 crore at a very nominal charges / fees.


Investment philosophy

In the times of unpredictability, it is not only our ability to predict but our ability to think that creates wealth. Can someone predict what will work in the next cycle ? Or when will next cycle be? The answer, as history shows us, is a resounding NO.


A quick look at the data of over a decade demonstrates that most investors get into the markets at the peak time after seeing the past returns and when that cycle lasts, investors loose substantially till that cycle re-starts.


The historical data reminds us of a Chinese saying " When Men Predict the Future. Gods Laugh". Once we accept this reality, that it is virtually impossible to predict the future, what matter most is the process to manage such uncertainties. Wealth creation is facing a unique dilemma in today's uncertain times.


In that context, to overcome cycle, unpredictability, greed and fear, we at SHREY FUND present,

"A SOLUTION PLAN" for such situation:-

  • ► It helps you to create your wealth in all kind of market situation through ADVANCE PLANNING.
  • ► It capitalises the opportunity of higher debt returns by parking your funds in high quality liquid funds.
  • ► Makes good use of the opportunity created by correction in Equity Market by systematically transferring your      investments over a time period.
  • ► Have balanced Asset Allocation.
  • ► Invest systematically & logically.
  • ► Must take advantage of SOLUTION PLAN